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Coming soon, an excerpt from the biography of Apostle Roscoe J. Dabney III...

Shortly after his conversion Roscoe experienced an "open vision" from the Lord which included an "out of body experience". During the "Vision", God revealed the gender of his then unborn son Joshua (Born 12/7/83, deceased by drowning 7/10/2004), spoke the name Christian Soldiers Television Network (unfulfilled).  During the time of his salvation experience (though it occurred in his home), Roscoe attended Tulsa's Mount Rose Baptist Church where he played drums (professionally since 1961) for the church choir and played on an album entitled "Greater Is He That Is In You".

Less than a year later, he received the Baptism of The Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues, by the laying on of hands by Willie Lewis (Senior Pastor, Redeemed By Grace Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma).  

After the Holy Ghost Baptism, Roscoe became a member of Northside Christian Center and sat under the ministry of Pastor James Hill.  During his time at Northside, Roscoe participated in ("shut-ins"), consecrations that included fastings and prayer . During that time, Roscoe played drums with a Christian band "The Essence of Joy".  During the year 1984, Roscoe began attending night church services at the House of Prayer Rescue Home. He soon found himself attending on a regular basis, working with the homeless.

By June of 1985 he was ordained by "Mother" Grace Tucker and appointed to the pastoral staff shortly after preaching his first sermon (2nd Timothy Chapter 3).  Roscoe produced and directed two weekly, satellite-delivered TV programs: Mother Tucker's "Back To God" Program and "Jack and Hellen Thomas" evangelistic program (1985-1990). God's gift of eternal salvation, "signs and wonders" including: healings, "deliverances" and operations of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:1-12) manifested continually at the rescue home. Residents of the rescue home and people walking in off the streets were provided three square meals per day, shelter (male and female) and clothing.  Later in 1985, Rev. Stan Moss, the director of jail and prison outreach for the Tulsa chapter of "Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International", invited Roscoe to join. Accepting the invitation, Roscoe soon found himself ministering at many Oklahoma jails and prisons including "Death Row", on a weekly basis.

In 1987, Roscoe met Sarah, both ordained under different ministries (Roscoe in 1985, Sarah in 1987), at a Christian radio station in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Performing his duties as producer of a radio-thon, Roscoe passed Sarah in a (studio) foyer and two gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested: Sarah spoke "words of knowledge" and prophetic words, witnessed by one of his close friends (the "words of knowledge" and the prophetic words spoken during that time, have been fulfilled).  From that anointed radio station encounter, both a marriage, and an "apostolic team" was birthed. Apostle Roscoe J. Dabney III and his beloved wife Bishop/Prophet Sarah, married in April 1988.  They are the founders of Spirit Fire Ministries International (SFMI).  The ministry was incorporated in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Apostle's journey is a living testimony to God's amazing design and providence once we allow Him to take the wheel and guide our purpose which is to spread the gospel and glorify Him in every aspect of our lives.   Sarah was re-ordained in 1988 under the same covering as Roscoe: The Revival Center House of Prayer Ministries, pastored by Grace B. Tucker (more affectionately known as "Mother" Tucker). During the ordination service, prophetic word was spoken by "Mother", instructing the couple to ordain many believers, approved and called by HIM, who desire to serve, sometimes passed over due to church "bureaucracy" and for various ungodly reasons. "Seek me and you will know whom I have sent. The harvest is plentiful, and the laborers are few."  Roscoe worked for "Church On The Move" (Pastor Willie George) as a part-time TV Camera operator ("Gospel Bill and Fire By Nite").  Between 1988 and 1990 six people were ordained in Tulsa by Roscoe and Sarah: two of the five included a husband-and-wife Christian Biker ministry, two Christian radio DJ's and one volunteer prison Chaplain.

After their release into the "five-fold" ministry field, God deployed Roscoe and Sarah (with infant son Richard, a.k.a. Ricky) to Hollywood, California (March 1991).  Residing in Hollywood for six months, while Roscoe attended school (The institute of Audio-Video Engineering). While matriculating at the school, the Lord assigned and relocated them to Moreno Valley and Riverside, California where they ordained and released 3 three people into God's ministry.  In February of 1992 God blessed Roscoe to be hired as a "Master Control" Operator at the Headquarters of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in Orange County California. Shortly after landing the job at TBN, the family relocated to San Clemente, California, where they resided for twelve years.  During that twelve-year period Roscoe became a volunteer Patrol Chaplain with the Orange County Sheriff Department and Sarah was hired by the San Clemente Public School System in food service and playground supervision.  From 1992 until 2004 Roscoe was a member of: Peace Officers for Christ International, International Orange County Peace Officers Fire Fighters Prayer Breakfast, In Pursuit of Christ, a law enforcement peer support group, San Clemente and Associate Pastor, San Clemente Christian Center. 2003-2004 the family attended The Life Church, Mission Viejo, California (Pastor/Dr. Phil Munsey).

In 1999, Wrote and Produced the 15-minute "10-8" video presentation, featuring the ministry of law enforcement Chaplains. 

After the tragic drowning of Roscoe's 20-year-old son Joshua in Oklahoma July 10, 2004, God closed doors no man could open (California) and opened doors no man could close (Arizona), directing and relocating the family, and ministry, to Payson, Arizona (Rev. 3:7) where Roscoe still resides.  Although Apostle Roscoe's beloved Bishop/Prophet Sarah went home to be with the Lord December 25, 2021, the foundation built on the truth of the gospel continues to flourish and grow.  Apostle currently leads The Overcomers Fellowship in Payson, AZ.  He also continues to fulfill his calling to teach God's biblical truths, ordain those called to serve in the five-fold ministry, and minister to veterans, local businesses, and those individuals seeking God's word and council.  

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