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In Memoriam 
Sarah Dabney

November 11, 1951- December 25, 2021


Sarah Jane was born on November 11, 1951, to Jack and Mary Ellen Neece in Bristow, Oklahoma.  Sarah developed a strong faith and relationship with the Lord at an early age.  That profound faith and love of God's divine providence and plan prepared Sarah for a "not by chance" meeting with her future husband.  Sarah met Roscoe in 1987 at a Christian radio station in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Performing his duties as producer of a radio-thon, Roscoe passed Sarah in a (studio) foyer and two gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested: Sarah spoke "words of knowledge" and prophetic words, and both the "words of knowledge" and the prophetic words spoken during that time, have been fulfilled.  Roscoe J. Dabney III and Bishop/Prophet Sarah Dabney married in April 1988 and welcomed their son Richard Dabney on July 24, 1990.  From that anointed radio station encounter, both a marriage, and an "apostolic team" was birthed. Together, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Roscoe and Sarah ordained many believers, served, and taught the gospel according to God's biblical truths.  Sarah never waivered in her faith and dedication to serve the Lord first and then as her husband's helpmate right up to the day she was welcomed home, December 25, 2021.  Sarah was beloved by all that knew her and is greatly missed by her family and friends.  However, the comfort of knowing she is with our Father in heaven, provides the peace of mind and heart only God's love and faithfulness provides to those that seek Him and honor Him with their devotion and obedience.

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